4 Free SEO Courses to Boost Your Online Presence


Learning how to master SEO doesn’t have to be difficult. Brush up on your SEO skills this summer with these free SEO courses.

If you’re a newbie in the world of SEO, it can seem like an intimidating subject to master. But thanks to the internet, you no longer need to fork over a ton of money for a course or attend a local college to learn a new skill. There are a lot of free SEO courses you can find on the web that will teach you everything you need to know to grow your business and compete with the big guys.

A lot of your target audience is searching online for what you have to offer. In fact, Google receives over 68,000 searches per second on any given day. If you can learn how to rank well in search engines with SEO, more people will find your site and more traffic equals more leads for your business.

Whether you’re a beginner, an expert or somewhere in the middle, you’ll be able to find a course to match your needs. Put your thinking cap on and check out these four free SEO courses you should sign up for this summer.


1. Hubspot Academy: SEO Training Course: Building Sustainable Traffic for Business Growth in 2018

Hubspot Academy is the worldwide leader in inbound marketing and sales, which make it an SEO expert you’ll want to learn from. The company offers a ton of free courses including this great SEO training course for beginners.

This particular course contains step-by-step lessons on SEO for beginners, link building for beginners and a Google SEO tutorial, all in 15 fun and informative videos.


2. Yoast: SEO for Beginners

If you’re using WordPress for your website then you’ve probably heard of Yoast. It’s an amazing free plugin that makes it easy to optimize your website and blog posts for SEO and they offer a free online SEO course for beginners to go along with it.

You do need to create a free account to access the course and it contains Yoast Academy videos that will teach you about keyword research, copywriting, site structure and more.


3. Udemy: SEO Courses

Udemy is an online learning platform where you can find a ton of different free SEO courses and they offer paid courses as well.

With Udemy courses you get a mix of written courses and video lectures from a variety of different teachers who are experts in SEO, offering tons of tips for people who want to get to the top of Google pages.


4. Serpstat Academy: SEO Courses

At Serpstat Academy, you can sign up for a free account with your email address and get access to a number of SEO courses at beginner and advanced levels.

Serpstat offers courses on building backlinks, long-tail keywords and API. When you complete all of the courses, you can take a quiz about the skills you’ve learned to receive a Serpstat certification.



5. Beginner’s Guide to SEO by Moz

Moz is one of the most reputable SEO companies so this introductory course is a great one to add to your to-do list. It includes 10 chapters that focus on the basics of SEO-friendly design and development, keyword research, growing popularity and links and more.

The guide itself is easy and beautiful to read. It’s definitely not your typical, dry textbook style and you can download the PDF or read it online in your browser.


6. Quick Sprout: The Advanced Guide to SEO

Quick Sprout’s Advanced Guide to SEO is created by Neil Patel, who was named a top-10 marketer by Forbes, and Sujan Patel, the co-founder of WebProfits US. This extensive guide is presented all in infographics making it pleasing to read.

Before starting this course, you should have the basics of SEO down as it discusses advanced SEO techniques for your business including data research, link building with content and search verticals.

MonsterInsights’ Google Analytics SEO Hacks is a great resource for those wanting to increase traffic. If you’re just starting out with Google Analytics or want to get the most out of it, make sure to implement these techniques.


Your Turn

Utilize as many courses, guides and resources as you can to get the most well-rounded view of SEO and find the tactics that will work best for your business. By taking the time to learn search engine optimization, your website will rank higher in search engines, bringing in more qualified leads to your business.